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Lawrence W. Hood, Jr.
2217 Cantura Drive
Mesquite, TX 75181





Career Highlights

The following items are a few of the highlights of my career as I see them. They are not listed, nor intended to be construed as being in any particular order of importance to the organizations with which I worked, in any form of timeline nor in any order other than my own.

bulletDesigned a year long fellowship training program for 30 volunteer leaders from across the country. I was entrusted with creating the concept, curriculum, budget, application/selection process, site selection for training events and much more.

bulletAssisted with the development of a peer-to-peer support program for families raising children with heart defects and congential disease. The program was recognized as one of only six US organizations endorsed by Optimists International.

bulletGrew an organizations audited total revenue by 97.8% from FYE 2006 to FYE 2009. Including unaudited figures for FYE 2010 that figure jumps to 135.8%.

bulletLed an orgnization to its first nomination for an internal international award for the first time in 10 years. Subsequently, nominated each of the following two years, and ultimately won the third year. The first time a group under $1 million had won the award in five years.

bulletAssisted in the creation, and subsequently managed, a volunteer recognition program that highlighted over 600 local volunteers. Program culminated in the selection of a Top 20 for the organizations 20th Anniversary.

bulletDeveloped a national speakers kit for use by various constituencies of an international organization that was used with minor modifications for four years. The kit included a how to manual, a Power Point template and other sample material.

bulletDeveloped an electronic newsletter from scratch for an organization with less than 100 active e-mail addresses, and grew it to over 1,000 active address in less than three years.

bulletCreated a program for families raising special needs children in which middle income individuals could apply for assistance for anything from diapers to a new car.

bulletAssisted with the reorganization of a 20+ year old organization inclusive of branding, structure, volunteer and staff roles, funding base and much more.

bulletSecured five televised news pieces, three radio stories, a radio interviews and more than 15 print/electronic news stories in the past year for an organization that historically did not reach out.

bulletHave overseen the merger of two organizations on two separate occassions in my career.

bulletSpotlighted for my work by Texas A&M University at Galveston, University of Dallas, Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership and Women of the Motion Picture Industry.

bulletCreated a quarterly newsletter on volunteer management that grew from beuing an organization specific document to being an online publication read by over 2,500 people around the globe.

bulletHave worked at the international, national and local level of organizations, as well as stand alone entities.

bulletTwo words...Caden (YouTube clip) and Garrett (YouTube clip).



Created a quarterly publication on volunteer management issues that would grow from an internal publication to being read by more than 2,500 around the world.


On a purely personal level, two of my biggest accomplishements have been Garrett's new wheelchair and Caden's new car..




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