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Lawrence W. Hood, Jr.
2217 Cantura Drive
Mesquite, TX 75181





Comments About My Work

These comments are all used either by permission, or are taken directly from my LinkedIn Profile.

From Superiors

Lance is able to take on complicated projects with various constituencies and not only develop plans, but execute them. His level of expertise and professionalism make him someone that I can approach on a strategic level. He's forthright and honest, and incredibly smart. I'm thrilled to have him on the team. - A LaDou, CA

I find him to be consistently pleasant, tackling the daily challenges of managing a charitable organization with dedication and a smile. Lance is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He has been able to achieve results where others have failed, including successfully developing a marketing and public relations plan that resulted in increased funds from new donors. I highly recommend Lance. He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization. - T Adamson, TX

From Coworkers/Fellow Volunteers

Lance was a great sounding board for my ideas as we worked here in Nebraska to grow MADD. On more than one occassion Lance served to guide our members and victim/survivors to achieve our mission and build community organizations. Thumbs up for his support and partnership - a true leader. - S Reynolds, NE

I have worked on several fundraisers at our children's school that Lance has chaired, and he is very detail-oriented, which has resulted in flawless productions and excellent revenue tracking. He also gets the job done quickly and efficiently and is a great team player in all aspects. - S Hamilton, TX

Over the past five years, I have had the opportunity to work with Lance on a number of events and projects benefitting non-profit organizations. Lance consistently demonstrates strong leadership skills, coupled with the ability to motivate and inspire his workforce, interface effectively with the non-profit's board and other decision-makers, and steer the project or event to a successful conclusion. He is driven to produce the best possible results and works tirelessly to ensure that the goal is acheived. Lance's education and experience as a leader, event producer and public speaker set him apart; he is a tremendous asset to the organizations he serves. - A Stewart, TX

During his tenure at the MADD National Office as Sr. Field Operations Manager and National Field Training Coordinator at Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Mr. Hood was recognized as an astute and capable professional. He was instrumental in the succes of his department and the teams that he participated in. - M Bane, TX

From Clients (As a Consultant)

It has been my pleasure to work with Lance for several years. I have been privileged to attend several of his trainings on issues dealing with volunteer management, fundraising and non-profit management. Recently, I called upon Lance to conduct a conflict resolution presentation centering on co-worker relationships. The resulting presentation - You Know 'em, You Hate 'em, You Have to Work With 'em!!! - was incredibly well received by my staff. The presentation included audience interaction, and everyone was left with some fun, yet thought provoking handouts. I will definitely call upon Lance again.
- DJ Hale, TX

It is nice to know that there is another generation of not-for-profit professionals coming along. I was a little hesistant to use Lance at first when I learned of his age, and this was four years ago. But, his knowledge, professionalism, and understanding of the complex world in which volunteers and staff co-exist is well beyond his age. Since that first event, I have asked Lance to present on two other occassions and even had him assist with a few special projects along the way. He is one of the few trainers out there that I am personally willing to hear speak on the same topic more than once.
- J Thompson, IN

From Workshop Participants

Lance's presentations are innovative, well prepared and entertaining. He not only captures the attention of his audience, he also captures their hearts. - J McClanahan, MD

Lance has this knack of allowing and encouraging the audience to participate without actually losing control of the audience. - C Bryant, VA

Lance is the energy, the power and the fuel needed to motivate anyone to higher accomplishments. - J Hutchinson, NY

Lance does an excellent job of drawing out his audience and helping each person discover his/her own talents. He is realistic, hands-on and dynamic, making people feel like he is talking directly to them -- that he wants to help, not that he has too. - K Allen, KS

As a professional speaker myself, I attend workshops with a different objective. I attend to learn techniques and styles more than I attend to learn the content. But, I have to admit that I find myself truly learning content, as well as "borrowing" his techniques. He's the type of speaker that you look to see if he is giving another workshop at the event so that you don't miss it. - F Jackson, DC

From Evaluations at Presentations

Presenter knew exactly what he wanted to say, allowed the audience to participate, but kept the whole thing focused and was able to cut people off without their knowledge.

He KISSed (Keep It Simple Stupid) so that everyone present was able to relate and follow his examples to explain a rather complex topic.

The speaker really listened to the "audience" and allowed people to participate without losing control.

I've been attending this conference for the past four years. Lance is by far the best speaker, and the best use of my registration dollars I have seen yet.

Simply one of the best workshop presenters I have ever seen at one of these conferences.

Out of a 5 point scale, Lance is at least a 10.



Led the expansion and rebranding of a program that would be named one of only six Optimist International endorsed programs in the country under under my leadership.


Developed a program that would assist middle income families raising special needs children with the procurement of items from diapers to a new car, and would ultimately be the backbone to the revitalization of a 70+ year old organization.



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